Our Projects

Project Bandhani

  • Bandhini was our first project was a step towards helping communities and gaining experience.
  • Bandhini’s main aim was to make best out of waste. This project entails using the technique of tie and dye to make waste fabric look attractive.
  • The process of tie and dye consists of folding, twisting, pleating or crumpling fabric and binding with strings followed by application of dye.
  • Using techniques such as shibhani, diamond pattern, one colour spiral etc; tie and dye can produce almost any design desired.

                                                        PROJECT PARTNERS: HOPE FOUNDATION

A village under Hope Foundation, where the average income of a family is very less as compared to the ideal figure, such families became the primary producers in our project and received 90% of the total profits. This village inhabits unemployed men and women. Bandhini helped us empower many middle aged women who never believed that they could earn while sitting at home. We aimed at making these people our beneficiaries and making them feel worthy and values as a human resource capable of earning money through skills.


  • The target consumers for our products were the lower middle class families, whose average income and need for good quality products at a nominal price proved to be a boon for us, as our products satisfy both the required conditions. 
  • The markets selected by us for the sale of our products are some of the busiest markets of Delhi, always brimming with people from different parts of the country as well as abroad. Being able to attract the attention of even 10% of this crowd will be more than sufficient for us.
  • We also targeted online shopping websites which included myntra, jabong, flipkart.

Project SANA

Trying to make this world a better place, working on the development of the society, uplifting the needy, spreading happiness and bringing smiles on people’s faces has always been the motto of Enactus Shivaji.

We’ve always tried to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people, and for this we took up several projects. One of them is project SaNa. Sana abbreviates for SAnitary NApkins and means comfort in Urdu. Keeping in mind, the state of menstrual hygiene in India, our project aims at making reusable and biodegradable sanitary napkins available to those who need it and also to generate employment among the underprivileged people.

2/3rd cases out of 60,000 of cervical cancer are due to poor menstrual hygiene. Therefore Enactus Shivaji ensures that women practice safe and hygienic menstruation and aims at spreading awareness for the taboos which affect their socio-cultural lives. While pulling off the sheet of oblivion, Enactus Shivaji College came up with SaNa, a resuable and biodegradable Sanitary Napkin project.

Enactus Shivaji, through this project aims at serving the society, generating employment and reaching the deep layers of society.

The production of SaNa involves training the volunteers from various refugee camps or slums to manufacture the pads and hence adding to their employability. Ideating and then executing SaNa in itself aims at lowering the menstrual waste and adapting ecological and economical ways to live.

While more than 6 areas have been covered by Enactus Shivaji and thousands of women have already switched to SaNa leaving the plastic pads behind. SaNa’s pads are 75% more biodegradable than the ordinary pads because of the water retaining fabric which prevents leakage. Also ensuring the affordability factor, these pads are priced at the minimal cost so anyone could buy it without taking any financial burden.

Therefore menstruation is no longer a burden for most of the women, and through various seminars  conducted by Enactus Shivaji, women no longer live under the rock and practice menstrual hygiene at their best.