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Sanitary Napkin

In these unprecedented times, one thing that definitely got hampered is consumer sovereignty. As a social enterprise, it was important for us to provide our customers with the same products. With direct selling our main sales strategy, social distancing hindered it. It was the need of the hour to change the strategy and take our product on the web. On just some clicks, you can obtain our product at your residence. A must thing you should have in your wardrobe. A cloth that will not only transform your life but also the beneficiaries involved. We aim to serve the society and the majority revenue earned goes toward the upliftment of our social entrepreneurs. We price our product for Rs. 30, which is definitely very affordable in context to its worth and advantages. Wish you a very happy and healthy lifestyle.

Enactus Shivaji also went on with the production of 200+ sanitary napkins to be distributed in the slums from March to May, 2020.
Sanitary Napkins

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