Diwali Mela

Enactus Shivaji, celebrates the Diwali Festival with an Annual Diwali Mela. The mela aims at celebrating and spreading happiness. The college is wholly decorated, and there’s a ethnic vibe everywhere. Giving it a festive vibe, there is a rangoli competition. While several other quizzes as well as competitions are also organised. It is a fund raising event, organised for generating funds for the upcoming projects and drives. The Enactus(es) all over Delhi come to the college to showcase their products and projects. Thus making the youth aware of the projects and motivating them to do something for the upliftment of society. While stalls from food to games and books are installed, and there’s a festive as well as happy atmosphere all over the college.


Webinar on Soft Skills

Report of Webinar on ‘Importance of soft skills in post covid era: As we know soft skills are the basis of one’s career hence during this pandemic, it has become of utmost importance to realise the value of soft skills. Keeping this in my mind Enactusshivaji in collaboration with NssShivaji college came together to organise a webinar on ‘Importance of soft skills post covid era’ by MukulGoel, the founder of Make Me builder on 6th July,2020. He enlightened us with the importance of soft skills in entrepreneurship especially during this lockdown. He elaborated that no matter what happens one must not give up and that there will be many ups and downs in life but one must keep going.The webinar ended with a QandA session where students asked their doubts and he answered all of them patiently.

Webinar on MHM & SE


The webinar was aimed to introduce the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship and suggest methods to keep menstrual health and hygiene good. It was also aimed to make people understand about sustainable menstruation and shift towards the practices coming under it. The webinar was conducted in the presence of founders of some very renowned organizations like Vyomini and Eco-femme. The webinar was successful in bringing awareness in people’s minds regarding sustainable menstruation and it also helped the participants to get a quick insight into social entrepreneurship.

Seminar on Sustainable Menstruation

Enactus Shivaji in collaboration with Greensphere, IGDTU  organized a seminar to make people aware about sustainable menstruation and its related aspects . It motivated students to make a shift from conventional methods of hygiene to more eco-friendly methods, which will not only benefit the users but also contribute towards the pressing issue of environment conservation. The seminar was greatly successful in bringing about a change in perspective towards menstrual hygiene, and also provided useful insights regarding innovation in hygiene product development.

Live sessions

Step to cope with stress

 Stress has been a common problem during these tough times of Covid-19 and people need to address it because it can in some cases cause some very serious mental health issues. This Instagram live webinar was aimed at providing the steps to cope up with the stress during the lockdown and how to overcome it. The session also had a QnA session so that the attendees could seek help for their problems then and there. Ms. Aakansha Bhatia from the organization ‘Together we can’ was the speaker of the session.

Importance of Mental health

 “No health without mental health”, is a mantra by The National Institute of Mental Health. The stigma that often surrounds mental health of millions of people worldwide is that they do not receive the help they need. However, Mental Health Awareness means bringing down these walls of stigmas by sharing our experiences, stories, and truths. It means educating others on what mental illness REALLY is, and helping out those with illnesses who think they are alone. 

Therefore, making sure that no one in our surroundings, including our friends and family, suffers from this, EnactusShivaji took an initiative to spread awareness on the ‘Importance Of Mental Health’. We had Mr. Arjun Gupta, an author, a mental health proponent, and a survivor himself as our speaker. Mr. Gupta enlightened us with his own story and told us about the problems as well as the mental state he went through.The session surely motivated a lot of students, in this era where youths suffer from severe mental health conditions. The webinar was overall very informative and interactive and ended with a QandA session, where all the doubts and questions were taken up and answered by him.

Ending with Stigma 

Talking about our mental health issues has been a stigma in our society for the longest time. An Instagram live session was conducted with Ms. Aishwarya Ajwani who is working with an organization called ‘Happiemindz’. This session helped people come out and talk about their mental health issues openly without any fear of judgment. The primary aim of this session was to make this society understand that mental health issue is not a taboo or stigma and we need to end it. Many participants clarified their doubts and overcame their fears during the QnA round.

Career Launcher MBA

Career Counseling is a great way to get insights about ourselves, our career, and what we can do to improve it. It helps us to assess our aptitude, interests, personality, and other such aspects. The seminar organized by EnactusShivaji in collaboration with Career Launcher aimed at removing the confusion and anxiety regarding MBA among students. The speaker Ashu Mehra gave useful insights regarding the scope, future, and drawbacks of pursuing an MBA program which was greatly beneficial to the attendees of the seminar..