Ground work

Our Mission

We at Enactus Shivaji always tried to take a step forward and attempted every possible way in embellishing the society and making it a healthy, wise, and kind place to live.

In our efforts to make this world a better place to live; along with working on the betterment of the society and the environment, spreading happiness and bringing joy on faces have always been the motto of Enactus Shivaji. We have always tried to make a difference in the lives of people, by taking every necessary step required.

Report of Sofia NGO, Mustafabad

Menstruation is a phenomenon unique to girls. However, this has always been surrounded by taboos and myths that excludes women from many aspects of socio-cultural life. While in India, this topic is still a taboo, and such taboos have a huge impact on girl’s emotional, mental, social status. And one of the main reason for these taboos is lack of awareness. But keeping these points in mind, Enactus Shivaji made a visit to Sofia NGO, Mustafabad on June 20, 2019.We took an initiative to make the crowd aware about these taboos as well as making them aware of the sustainable menstruation. We ensured and asked them to practice safe and hygienic sustainable menstruation, and for that we gave them tips as to how they can maintain their personal hygiene. This visit surely motivated a bunch women who immediately switched to reusable sanitary napkins.

Report of Sofia NGO, Ramesh Nagar

The number of women turning to self-employed and independent has risen by 57 per cent since 2008. Thus promoting women employment and turning them independent has always been our aim. Therefore, Enactus Shivaji made regular visits and sessions to the women of Sofia NGO, Ramesh Nagar for engaging them and giving them employment opportunities. We ensured to deliver them the perfect art of stitching reusable sanitary pads for our project SaNa. While these sessions also included spreading awareness of menstrual hygiene and to erase the taboos the society has made. We also asked them to switch to reusable as well as pocket friendly sanitary napkins which they can stitch themselves. While our team also provided them with some marketing skills and strategies so that they can sell those pads once manufactured.

Report of Shakti Shalani NGO

The unemployment rate in India when it comes to women is 18% high. On our visit to Shakti Shalani NGO on 8th February 2020 we did survey to check the unemployment rate and provided women with entrepreneurial opportunities. As in today’s world Women entrepreneurship has been recognized as an important source of economic growth. Women create new jobs for themselves and for others too. We told them about the art of stitching sanitary napkins and shared a lot of marketing strategies so that they can sell them and earn good revenue. 

Report of Janhit NGO

Women account for just 17 percent of GDP in India and that’s quite less. Women are fully capable of doing more for the economic growth. At Janhit NGO we gave regular sessions to the the women for 6months taught them how to perfect the art of stitching reusable pads. Our team also provided them with some marketing skills for the pads they manufactured. As marketing is ultimately what drives sales. This initiative of ours was surely beneficial to quite a lot of women from the NGO.

Report of Parvaki Sanstha NGO

In order to ensure that the children had the access to basic facilities, we the members of Enactus Shivaji in collaboration with the Parvaki Sanstha NGO made a visit to the organisation on October 10, 2019. While we managed to interact with the children and asked them about the facilities they are provided with and the basic issues faced by them in their houses. We also tried to somehow make it a fun and entertaining session for the children. We noted their issues, and tried to help them as far as possible from our end. We helped them with the surplus funds of Enactus’s business, and the money was allotted for children’s health as well as education.

Extraordinary Experiences

Date :- 24.12.2019

The members of Enactus Shivaji, made a visit to the Parvati saraswati NGO. The NGO basically teaches the students, there were around 50 students in the NGO, it was a very interactive. Our team asked the students to introduce themselves and then we introduced ourselves in order to make them comfortable and have a conversation with. The survey and the conversation was basically regarding taking information about their schooling and what all problems whether financial or emotional are faced by them in day to day life. After the conversation we made them dance on their favourite songs. We interacted with each and every student and really loved their enthusiasm. It was a very lovable and great experience. We also had a discussion with the head of the ngo regarding the problems faced by them and the families of the students. Overall it was an unforgettable experience.

Date:- 20.1.2020

The team went to the ‘God gives everything’ NGO. The visit aimed at spreading awareness among women and girls regarding menstrual hygiene, education, etc. There were around 40-50 women and girls who we interacted with. We started with asking their names and a bit introduction of each of them so as to make them comfortable. We interacted with many girls to ask them about there schooling, and what all problems they face regarding their education. We also asked them the problems they faced while using pads and how they maintain their hygiene so that could we help them in every possible way. It was a very interactive and informative session as none of them felt hesitant to talk about their problems. It was really a great and a wonderful experience

Date:- 13.11.2019

It really feels good if you do something for somebody to make them smile and happy, and our team always tries hard to bring smiles on as many faces as possible. One such experience is the visit to the ngo at Azadpur. This visit was made to talk to the women around the area. The visit really made us look into the reality, that how these women are away from the facilities we have. They still live surrounded by the taboos. The main aim of visit was to create awareness about menstrual hygiene and provide them with assistance through our product. It was great to see that the girls there were not hesitant to talk about their periods with our team which is a great step taken by these women. The girls were really interactive and were really nice to talk to. The visit also made us realise that we need to find happiness in little things. It was nice of them to understand the need of change in the old, traditional ways of life and the willingness to make contribution on their part was applaudable.

Date:- 23.1.2020

The next visit made by us was at Vinobapuri to do a survey regarding problems faced by the people in their day to day life. The survey was really interactive as every person there greeted us and talked to us in a really nice way, we got to know a lot about their life, how they live, how they manage to be happy in small things, how they struggle each day and still smile. We personally went to each of them and discussed about their day to day problems, we interacted with women of different ages(from girls who are doing schooling to those who are working). Some of them were hesitant to talk and didn’t wanted to share their problems but overall it was an amazing experience. Looking forward to make more visits to such NGOS

Date:- 24.1.2020

To add more to our experience, we made our next visit to Vinobapuri. Talking about the experience, we really don’t have words to explain it but still trying to come up with some, it was impeccable and totally great. We all had a much needed and very interactive session with the people living in block 7, talked about the problems they are facing, and made them fill the survey forms. We came up with the facts that the people are facing problems related to hygiene, water and sewage system.Much of the people were very supportive and kind with their gestures, the interaction with children was also good, all n all it was a beautiful experience. Fun facts- People, thought we were from a political party and have come there to fetch the vote bank. These visits are just a little initiative by us to make the people happy and this makes us happy too!.